2021 Is A PIWD Election Year!

PIWD board members serve 4 year terms, but the terms are staggered such that there are elections every two years. The terms for the following board positions are expiring, according to https://www.portsmouthri.com/218/Prudence-Island-Water-District:

Board Member – Currently held by Phil Brooks, who is unfortunately not eligible for reelection, having sold his property on Prudence Island

Clerk – Currently held by Chris Brown, who will hopefully seek reelection

Treasurer – Currently held by Ann-Marie Lockwood, who will hopefully seek reelection

If you, or anyone you know, is considering running for a board seat, please consider filling out a nomination form, and submitting it to Chris Brown. While, at time of writing, the 2021 nomination form is not yet available, it is likely to be similar to the 2019 form.

It is also possible to win an election for a board seat without going to the trouble of filling in the form. In 2019, a board seat was won by a write-in vote.

This blog would happily accept posts by any prospective board members who would like to share their background and vision for the water district.

If you are interested in voting in the 2021 election, this has also not been announced officially, but has historically occurred in June. Here is the 2019 election notice.

The inhabitants of the district who are at least eighteen (18) years old and: (1) are qualified to vote for town officers; or (2) are property owners within the service area; or (3) are rate payers within the service area that are qualified electors of the district for purposes of this act and are eligible to vote in all elections of officers of the district.

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