What’s Going On?

The water system run by the Prudence Island Water District (PIWD) keeps failing water quality tests due to the presence of coliform bacteria (which is, in and of itself, harmless, but indicates that the system is experiencing contamination). Due to these frequent violations, the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDoH) demanded that PIWD start chlorinating the water to kill bacteria. PIWD has fought against that plan, and has instead proposed a Cross Connection Control Plan, operating on the assumption that customers are to blame for the quality problems. This CCCP (yes, really) has a lot of complexity (and cost) and will probably not fix all of the problems. As of right now, there has not been a better plan offered to the public, but the goal of this web site is to collect and share as much information as possible so that Prudence Island Water District customers can start making informed decisions about how they want the issues with their drinking water to be resolved.

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